We are all guiltless and sinless here at Beta Mu. There is no sin or no guilt for you here! We leave all needless and useless rantings and ravings about "sin" and "guilt"  to others out there! Here you are loved and accepted for who and what you are NOW and who and what you will become! Your freedom, your liberty of sexual choice and sexual expression is your personal option and an inherent right in this life. For some of us here bisexuality IS a world-class destination! For others, it is a bridge, a stopping-off point or a cozy inn along the way through life. Whatever! It is ALL good here. Human sexuality whatever it may be for you NOW is a fluid and very changeable thing over the course  of one's  entire lifetime.

Your sexuality here is "proof of life" to us!  Proof that you are loving and giving of yourself to others. Proof or your growing evolution and your growth in self-discovery and self-realization.  You are just becoming more and more who you ARE,  what you ARE, and who and what you are meant to be. "COME OUT! COME OUT!  WHOEVER YOU ARE!"  Just give it time friend. Become YOURSELF, the BEST you, and the REAL you! Become yourself! Be you!

Here at Beta Mu Fraternity you will find love and understanding, care and concern, and genuine acceptance. Our parent  the Bi Men Network has for almost twenty year been a safe haven and a home away from home for all our men worldwide. Beta Mu Society - a bi men fraternity - a secret society for bi and gay men - is now  even more than that!  So men: leave it all behind - out there - the fear and loathing, the hostility and rejection, and the hopelessness and despair. Let there be light! Let yourself shine! BE YOU! BE  YOURSELF! The real you!

We ask only that you not coerce or force sex on anyone nor engage in sex with anyone under the age of  legal consent. We also ask that you work to honor your commitments to loved ones and family as best you can. Simply - love one another and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

There is no guilt nor sin here at the Beta Mu. No judgements either. So be yourself. Become your best self. Be and become what you ARE and what you are meant to be. You have our love, acceptance, understanding, care and support. So - Be Bi! Be Happy! Be gay, be happy! Be straight, be happy! Welcome to the Beta Mu Life and to Male Sexual Freedom! You are not alone! We are here for you - your Beta Mu loving  and accepting brothers for life!

Best Wishes,

Stewart (Mac) McCloud
Founder of BETA MU and
Online since 1998 with over
250,000 active male members

 MAC McCLOUD - Founding Father Alpha here at BETA  MU!
He cares! He listens! He can help you!

"In all likelihood there is no person living today who has
known and observed more happy (and unhappy) bisexual men
on this Earth than Bi Men Network Founder, Mac McCloud!"

Mac's  life   motto:  
"Be Bi, Be Happy!" or "Be gay and be happy or be straight and be happy!  Just be happy!"
Mac is here to encourage all men in their hot pursuit of life, liberty and happiness!

Found posted in a shop in India:
Life is a challenge
Life is a gift
Life is an adventure
Life is a sorrow
Life is a tragedy
Life is a duty
Life is a game
Life is a mystery
Life is a song
Life is an opportunity
Life is a journey
Life is a promise
Life is a love
Life is a beauty
Life is a spirit
Life is a struggle
Life is a puzzle
Life is a goal

Meet it
Accept it

Dare it
Overcome it
Face it
Perform it
Play it
Unfold it
Sing it
Take it
Complete it
Fulfill it
Embrace it
Praise it
Realize it
Fight it
Solve it
Achieve it