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We are a private, members only fraternity--a fraternal order--an all-male secret society for discerning adult men, aged 21 to 121 of all races, all shapes and sizes, and from all walks of life! We welcome adult male members from all over the world! Join us!

We are your home-away-from-home, a safe harbor, a refuge for our adult male members who want something more and better in their lives. Our men want a refuge--a place of warmth and conviviality--with male bonding and male camaraderie. Here, we respect and honor our members, and in an atmosphere of genuine brotherly love we care for one another and watch one another's backs. Beta Mu is a fraternal order --a brotherhood--where brotherly love is the norm and not the exception!

We are open 24/7 at our online fraternity house, and our members have formal and informal meet-ups all over the world. Alpha Founding Father Mac also hosts a weekly radio talk show called Chats With Mac. For more information, please visit our Blog Talk Radio Show. Beta Mu also has weekend seminars and conferences called the "Mac Road Shows" where you can meet Mac and members in your area. These gatherings have many social, serious and sexual events over 3-5 days.

After almost 20 years the Internet has sadly become rife with frauds, fakes and flakes, and filled with hate and hurt. At the Beta Mu Society, we do not tolerate typical online misbehavior. Here, we are respectful to one another, and honor one another as fraternity brothers. The rule is simply the "Golden Rule" - Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Misconduct is not tolerated.

Hurtful, hateful, disrespectful conduct is not tolerated. It should be promptly reported to a Fraternity Officer or to one of our Founding Fathers for further and complete investigation and any necessary action.

We have a 3 Strikes rule here for such misconduct:

    One strike a brother or pledge gets a warning if serious misconduct is revealed.

    Two proven strikes leads to an outright suspension from the "fraternity house" - all our sites and events for a prescribed period of exclusion from the Beta Mu brotherhood.

    Three proven strikes and an errant brother or pledge is barred for life--gone for good.

At BETA MU there are several levels of membership:
Pledges, Actives, Charter Member Actives and Founding Father Actives.

Any adult male 18 and older can pledge and join us on what is essentially a short-term probationary status of three months or longer. This status can be renewed and continues with dues paid monthly. As such time as such Pledge has been with us two years and/or has paid in $100 + in Beta Mu fraternity and he is in good standing then he is IN and advances to Active Member Status. Payment of a minimum of $100 or more is necessary to become a Beta Mu Active.

After the start up period in the Spring of 2016 and thereafter, regular active members of BETA MU will be members in good standing who have paid in their Initiation fee of $100.00 in one or more payments. By invitation, a man can become an Active Member with that payment in full without a lengthy pledge and trial period. Or a man in good standing can become an Active Member after his regular/ongoing Pledge periodic payments have reached or exceeded the $100 initiation fee. If you wish to become an Active Beta Mu member promptly without a lengthy trial and pledge period, contact Alpha Founding Father Mac McCloud at bitexnmac@msn.com for further information.

Charter Members are full-fledged Active level members of BETA MU who joined in 2015 and early 2016 in the start-up period, and have paid in their Initiation Fee of $100. Charter Members will get 24 months with all their fraternity dues and fees paid in full. The Beta Mu Initiation fee is payable online via PayPal with any credit or debit card or bank account or my US Mail with a bank check or money order. Should you have an interest in being a Charter Member and/or advancing to full active member status in Beta Mu, please contact Alpha Founding Father, Alpha Mac McCloud, at bitxnmac@msn.com for details.

Founding Fathers have no dues or any fees at all for life and all events they choose to attend are free for life. Our Founding Fathers have all donated and contributed a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $10,000. The Founding Fathers and Charter Member Actives are the core BETA MU Members, and their majority votes determine all key issues at our fraternity. These ACTIVES are the lifeblood of BETA MU. Founding Fathers are the Advisory Board of Beta Mu and their number is limited to one for each letter of the old Greek Alphabet - Alpha (Founder Mac McCloud) to Omega. Any Emeritus Founding Fathers are deceased. Should you have any interest in becoming a Founding Father or advancing to this status contact Alpha Founding Father Mac McCloud at bitxnmac@msn.com for details. Any contributions you have made to date can be deducted from your Founding Father fee. For example if you are a Charter Member your fee could be as low as $400. The number of Founding Fathers is limited to one for each Greek letter - Alpha to Omega, so space is very limited.

Our goal is to create a warm, loving and supportive brotherhood of like-minded adult men. Here you will make friends for life with men across town - across your state, across the country and across the oceans of the world. In a world that is increasingly full of alienation and uncaring strangers you will find friends and family here at YOUR fraternity - Beta Mu!

Please contact Founding Father Mac McCloud - the Alpha Founding Father - with any questions and concerns you may have by using our Contact Form, or you may email Mac McCloud directly at: bitxnmac@msn.com. All inquiries are handled promptly, but please allow up to a day for a reply. We want you to be happy here at BETA MU!

Welcome to BETA MU. In this day and age BETA MU is truly unique and one of a kind! Do NOT miss out and do NOT be left out. This may well be your one truly sure bet this lifetime!

Best Wishes,

Alpha Founding Father of
The Beta Mu Society


Our BETA MU SOCIETY is a private fraternity
for men only and by invitation only.
Private, safe, secure, discreet.